​The Tennessee Volunteers have been having a year full of ups and downs. They currently sit at No. 19 in the nation, a spot that most college teams would love to be. 

Still, they were expected to win the SEC East this season and compete for the national title. They did neither.

The one thing that this team, more importantly the seniors, did do though is win the 'Championship of Life', according to their coach Butch Jones. Do they get a banner for that?

As if the quote itself wasn't good enough, social media absolutely blew up after he said it. These responses are fantastic.

Don't forget about the rings.

​​And of course the wikipedia entry.

​​But perhaps the best of all...

​​In all seriousness, the Vols did compete this season despite falling short of expectations and may compete in the whatever bowl game they attend.

It'll be interesting how they play next season without their valuable seniors. Let's hope they pass on their life-winning skills to the underclassmen.