​This move is both metaphorical and literal. 

With the Packers in full disarray, Green Bay really needed a win last night. Unfortunately, Pierre Garcon and Kirk Cousins weren't in a giving mood. The Redskins trounced the Packers 42-24, with Cousins and Garcon leading the way. Garcon finished the game with six catches for 116 yards and a touchdown. 

As if that wasn't bad enough, he went to the sidelines and did this afterwards.

After tearing up Green Bay's secondary on the field, Garcon went to the sideline to rip up an actual cheesehead hat. Garcon ripped it in half, tossed it aside, and yelled something toward the fans. No respect at all for the once-great Green Bay Packers. 

This was a huge game for Garcon, who's taken a step back in Washington's offense in the past couple of years. Garcon's big night was highlighted by a 70-yard touchdown catch that pretty much sealed the deal for the Redskins. 

It goes to show just how far the Packers have fallen too. At this point, the Pack have to be more worried about the cheeseheads getting torn up on the field rather than off it.