Like in most esports, the US squad fell short of expectations and fell apart during the Overwatch World Cup. Before the tournament began, they were one of the favorites to win the whole thing, but after a so-so group stage and a Korean match up in the quarterfinals, all hope was lost.

Thescoreesports  interviewed Steven "Ster" Serge, the American competitor and popular community figure and he had some harsh words about his team:

"We didn't practice Anubis, we didn't practice anything. Ever since we came to BlizzCon, we didn't play one game as a team. There were just some team issues that we had. As soon as we found out Korea was [matched against us], it was like, I don't know, everyone lost motivation. I hung out with Team Canada every day. After scrims, Team USA just disappeared. There was no cohesion there."

It clearly showed in their play and will probably only further the gap Korea has in esports over the rest of the world especially if teams don't take the time to improve.