Josh Norman has never been one to mince words when it comes to opinions on the NFL or rules the league mandates. That's why it's no surprise when you hear about the All-Pro cornerback giving his sometimes controversial stances.

The Associated Press recently surveyed selective NFL players about what they would do to improve the often criticized league as ratings continue to fall. Norman was one of the players who gave his opinion.

Norman told Howard Fendrich of the AP: "Simple: Get the people who are in there out. Whoever's making the rules, just get 'em out. We have a new president; have a new NFL commissioner. I hope I don’t get fined for that."

“The game has been this way for 100 years. Why are people in the [league] office trying to change it?” Norman asked. “What are you trying to make better? Why touch the game? . . . Change the staff. We changed the president; let’s change them, too. There should be a number of years you can run it. There should be a term limit in the NFL.”

Fellow Redskins defensive player Chris Baker gave his opinion a little earlier this month. 

"A referee could make a bad call and cost a team a game and all that's going to happen is they're going send an apology letter and say, 'I'm sorry.' But nothing actually happens."

Both of these players make valid points as the league should find a way to bring in a fresh face every once in a while, and the officials should be held accountable. The task of course is making a bunch of billionaire owners not only understand, but agree with that logic. The league is making money hand over fist with Goodell in charge so the question they will ask is why fix something that isn't broken.

If the league truly wants to improve things, a change at the top certainly couldn't hurt. Goodell's mishandling of situations and botching of rule changes have angered even the most loyal of lowered ratings should come as no surprise. 

For the sake of making football watchable again, let's hope the league was listening.