6 Things You Didn't Know About Donald Trump's Baseball Career

Aside from, you know, being the next President of the United States, Donald Trump was apparently quite the baseball player and enthusiast back in the day. Here are six things you never knew about his baseball career.

6. He Was Scouted by the Phillies and Red Sox

Back in the day, young Donald Trump clocked in as a "star first baseman". He was scouted by not only the Phillies, but by the Red Sox as well. Ultimately, though, Trump chose to go to college and make real money.

5. He Could 'Throw 80 MPH'

Apparently, Mr. Trump was a bit of a hurler, too. One of Trump's friends says Donald was a great athlete, and that he threw 80 miles per hour. The same friend goes on to say he probably could have played pro ball. Pro ball throwing 80? Yeah, I don't think so. 

4. He Smashed His Friends' Bats and Wouldn't Apologize

Donald Trump smashing bats? Who would have guessed that? Apparently Trump has had anger issues his whole life, because when he was a kid playing baseball and would make an out, he would erupt in anger and smash any bat in sight, even if it wasn't his. And it wouldn't be  very Donald Trump if he swiftly apologized after. 

3. He Hit Into the Shift to Overpower People

Even at a young age, Donald liked to use his power to "overpower" people. Donald reportedly had so much pop as a right-handed hitter that the infielders would put the shift on him. Naturally, what did he do? He purposely tried to hit into the shift to "overpower" the defense physically. 

2. His Dad Wouldn't Buy Him the Latest Glove

Well this one comes as a surprise. Donald didn't get everything he wanted? Apparently back in the day, Donald's dad, Fred Trump, refused to buy little Donald the newest glove available because it was too expensive. Granted, $30 back then was a lot of money to spend on a baseball glove. But still. Come on, pops.

1. Claims He Was "The Best Baseball Player in New York"

Being modest is clearly something Trump has never cared much for. Trump has stated that not only was he a great athlete, but he was the best player in pretty much every sport he played growing up. Oh yeah, and then he said he was the best baseball player in New York. A slice of humble pie would do you well, Mr. Trump.