​I'm sure everyone would love to hear what coaches have to say during the games. It's not the same in post-game conferences, when they have to be polite and "PC".

Fortunately for us, we got to hear West Virginia's coach Dana Holgorsen, over the ref's mic during their game and it was pretty hilarious.

We didn't get to hear much, but we did get to listen to Holgorsen say his team has "bigger balls" than their opponents.

Well I don't know if they had "bigger balls" than the Texas Longhorns this week, but they did manage to complete a 24-20 win. 

Usually this isn't a big deal, but seeing how around half of the top-15 lost this week, West Virginia will definitely move back up the rankings. Mountaineers fans ought to be happy about that.

Remind me not to get in Holgorsen's way. We can all agree that hearing this man scream just shouldn't be a part of our daily routine.