​Sometimes, you truly wonder what's going through the head of Alex Rodriguez.

Seemingly stable in his post-retirement career as a Fox analyst, he's rehabilitated his reputation a bit. After all, he's really good at putting on a show.

But apparently, that level of classic A-Rod phoniness finally extends to his social media presence.

You may have seen a viral photo circulating these past few days featuring a man trying to shove a giant beam into his car. It's a great picture.

​​Love it!

​Such an incredible image, it's hard to believe A-Rod also saw the exact same thing two days later, as he claimed.

​​After being called out for his blatant hackjob, A-Rod deleted the initial missive, and changed his tune just a bit.

"Saw this pic today." OK, Alex. No problem. Nobody read the first one.

Why, though, man? Why did you have to claim you saw this? Just go with "Funny pic I stole!" It's fine. People will still giggle.

People will still giggle, man.