5 Teams That Should Sign FORG1VEN

Konstantinos "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou-Napoleon is officially on the market. He's one of the top-tier ADCs in LoL Esports; here are 5 teams that need to sign him.

5. Team ROCCAT

Although ROCCAT is on the bottom of the pecking order for FORG1VEN, they need an ADC and need a good one. It would be a major move for them as having him in the bottom lane ensures that the bottom lane is won.

4. PSG eSports

Bora "Yellowstar" Kim needs to build this team and what better way than to sign the best European ADC? FORG1VEN said he'd rather not be in Europe, but with the ability for PSG to pay him and bring him coaching, infrastructure, and expertise to the table, it's something he should consider.

3. Team Liquid

Team Liquid is a curious one. Yoo "Ryu" Sang-ook has complained about not having players that are competent on his team, and FORG1VEN is a player who carries his weight. It would be good to see Team Liquid pursue him heavily as it could be a cornerstone for their next step as a team.

2. Immortals

Nothing has been said yet about roster changes for Immortals, though most assume there will be. Immortals brings one of the best winning situations for FORG1VEN, depending on who leaves the team and how it shakes up. It would be interesting seeing how much success FORG1VEN can bring to a top-tier NA team.

1. Team SoloMid

This makes the most sense. FORG1VEN is an english speaker, Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg is a familiar face, and TSM is a team that is all about winning. Team SoloMid should pursue FORG1VEN and he should be one of their top priority signings for this offseason.