​David Ross homered earlier in Game 7 of the World Series.

David Ross, on the verge of retirement, is Jon Lester's light-hitting personal catcher. It just didn't totally line up.

But when Ross homered, it turns out it was more than just an oddity. It was actual history. Allow a Wikipedia editor to explain Ross' historical significance.

​​Ahh, yes. Who could forget Ross' homer in the 1908 series, a year when the ball was covered in mud and sticks and no one homered? Hence, the unforgettability of Ross' shot.

Also, his tenure as a mayor of Dong Town. Unforgettable, too.

He also won the 2016 World Series with four innings still remaining in Game 7. 

Honest to goodness, who saw a Ross bomb stopping the momentum slide in this Game 7? Only people with 20/20 hindsight? Got it.

Thanks, Wikipedia. Now we'll never forget you.