​The old, perpetually told story of David Price goes as follows: he's a great regular season pitcher, but in the postseason, he's got no game.

This season's playoff debacle only strengthens the validity of this tale.

One Red Sox fan on Twitter took it a bit too far and touched a sore spot on Price. The hurler wasn't having any of it.

Not going to lie, but this Troll threw a pretty funny jab here.

So instead of calling out this one fan or his compadres, Price instead called out the entire Boston fan base.

Ohhhh burn! That one will leave a mark.

The subliminal message is clear: Price doesn't care at all about the haters, even if they are within the Boston fan base. He's going to do all he can to be better for the Red Sox next season, but not to make these trolling fans happy, as he sarcastically remarked.

Regardless, Price should tread lightly when putting the whole Boston fan base on blast. That's a slippery slope, my friend, especially for a guy who's slated to be in Beantown for another six years. The last thing he wants is to be hated by his home crowd!