He's ballin' here.

In his second year as a Knick, ​Kristaps Porzingis is really starting to sound like a true New Yorker. During a post game interview, Porzingis sounded more like someone who grew up in Manhattan's Lower East Side than Latvia.

Take a listen:

Porzingis, who appears to have picked up some of the local slang, told the reporter he was "hyped" before his team's home opener at Madison Square Garden and that his experience has helped him "chill out." 

The new-look Knicks have split their first two games this season, but they will look to get on the better side of .500 with a win on Tuesday night against Detroit. 

If Porzingis can play the way that many expect him to in his sophomore season, the Pistons can fuhgeddaboud beating the Knicks.

"Godzingis" had a fantastic rookie year, but he'll need to build on that this season if his Knicks want any shot at seeing the postseason.