​Was Brock Osweiler worth $72 million? 

At this point Texans fans have to wonder if he's worth 72 cents. 

The man has looked dreadful for most of this season and things took a turn for the worse (shocking it could get worse, I know) during his homecoming to Denver when he threw the worst duck of the NFL season so far. 

Yes, we all know your five-year-old nephew could throw a better pass than that, but let's get more creative shall we. 

That's more like it. 

That's funny because it's true. Sad, but true. 

The eye test is always important, and my eye test tells me he's a dumpster fire. 

Same mistakes, over and over again, but hey, he's getting PAID!

​​Like a bandit, but whatever, Houston fans only have like three more years of this. 

Get the shovels out. Time to burn that money. 

Meanwhile the Broncos are the ones really laughing. 

​​Sorry Texans fans.