When you think of Curt Schilling, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

The Bloody Sock in the 2004 playoffs, right?

Now, what comes to your mind thinking about that Curt Schilling as a United States Senator?

Turns out, that's not a joke.

The former Boston Red Sox star has officially made up his mind that he is going to run for Senate in 2018, although he still has to get his wife's approval. Here is what he said on Tuesday: 

​​If his wife does approve, Schilling would be running against current Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is currently serving in her first term in the Senate. 

Earlier in the year, Warren registered a 61 percent approval rating so it seems like it would be a tall order for Schilling to beat her in a historically liberal state. But, then again, 2018 is a couple of years away and anything can happen during that time. 

He'll need to ride that darn sock as far as he can to have any sort of chance.