What a day!

College GameDay is in Madison, WI, for Saturday night's epic matchup between No. 2 Ohio State (5-0) and No. 8 Wisconsin (4-1). In terms of GameDay signs, this is looking like it's going to be a lot of Ken Bone vs. Harambe. Who will win that matchup?

We'll get to that in a second.

But this crucial Big Ten battle will have significant implications on the College Football Playoff. Ohio State comes into this one undefeated while Wisconsin's lone loss came in the form of a seven-point defeat at Michigan. However, the Badgers are still in the CFB discussion, and a win today will propel them further in the rankings.

Badgers fans are hoping that's the case, especially since they aren't sold on Ohio State yet.

But Stevie Wonder may have a different opinion. Or does he...

How about a double whammy?

And let the Ken Bone references start rolling in!

Ken Bone: 1, Jim Tressel: 0.

But what does Urban Meyer think about Ken Bone?

How could he?

As a result, you'd imagine the plentiful Meyer roasting that followed:

Urban Mayer weiner!! 

But this is probably a more accurate depiction of the Ohio State coach. He doesn't really look like a city slicker.

Let's not forget about the Ohio State fans in attendance, especially those trying to deflect the Harambe tragedy.

Sorry, not gonna fly in Wisconsin!

The savagery didn't end there.

Absolutely brutal.

But Ohio State fans have a hot take based on their visit to Wisconsin: 

That should get Wisconsin faithful pretty fired up, so the players will have yet another thing to play for tonight.

But hey, what's better than a Spongebob reference to close out this roundup?

Who said all GameDay signs had to be harsh?