​The 2016 Presidential Election is finally (and thankfully) coming to an end, as Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are pulling out all of the stops for the final push of their campaigns. 

However, according to the very real "Redskins Rule," the candidates should be concerned with this weekend's pivotal Eagles at Redskins matchup more than anything else right now. 

The rule states that during the Redskins final home game before the election, if the team wins, the incumbent party wins the election. If they lose, the challenging party will see their nominee take home a victory. 

​​With the Redskins hosting their final home game before the fateful November 8th day against the Eagles this weekend, this is the fateful game. 

So if the Redskins pull off the home win against their rival, Hillary Clinton should become the first female president in our country's history. However, if the Eagles pull off the road win, we can all look forward to the Trumpster sitting in the Oval Office. 

Just how accurate is this rule? It's been correct in 17 of the 19 elections that it applies to, and had 16 straight predictions right until the 2012 election, when Barack Obama defeated the challenger, Mitt Romney. 

So tune in folks, and see what's going to happen to the country unfold before your very eyes on Sunday. 

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