​Donald Driver has always had a camera around him.

He transitioned seamlessly from NFL wide receiver to reality TV show star as he appeared in "Dancing With The Stars". Driver was never one of the outspoken wide outs we see today, yet he does always end up on camera. 

Maybe the old saying is true. Maybe the camera does always gravitate towards wide receivers. 

Driver is a prime example, as he'll be in front of the camera constantly as he co-hosts a new reality show. 

​​The former Super Bowl hero will now be hosting a show of heroes. 

​​This is the kind of reality show that revolves around the type of player Driver was. No, it's nothing like Travis Kelce's "Catching Kelce", but a show about those making a positive impact around the nation. 

Driver will join actress Emily Wilson on Oprah Winfrey's "OWN" network as they highlight the stories of those who are making a difference in their community around the nation. The show will begin next month.

Finally, the kind of reality TV show we can all enjoy.

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