​The first rule of the internet we're always reminded of is that whatever is posted online will stay there forever. TSM coach Weldon "MindGamesWeldon" Green made some insensitive remarks on Reddit posts that recently resurfaced after TSM's disappointing group stage failure at the 2106 World Championship.


Calling Korean teams "psycho level [nationalistic]" has caused backlash from the Korean. Some at Invern are taking his accusations of information sharing and scrim sabotage very seriously and point out that TSM are being hypocritical.

"If you guys were so benevolent that you did not turn down a single scrim request, then why were ANX stuck with WOW? They would've rather scrimmed with NA teams all day long."

NA fans have even scolded Weldon for his comments  saying "Comparing South Korea to NORTH KOREA of all countries? Pointing back to WW2 as if that implies something? C'mon now Weldon. There's things that you. just. don't. say. This is one of those comments. About as unfiltered as a Trump speech there, which is pretty bad."

This may have been Weldon's way of coping with TSM's loss, but we can all agree that there are more mature and respectful ways to do so.

Many fans are worried that this incident will lead Korean teams to refuse all future scrimming with foreign teams. Though that seems unlikely for all foreign teams, it may just be the sole fate for TSM if Weldon doesn't come up with a way to placate the situation. 

Photo courtesy of TSM