​Poor Joc Pederson. He just wanted to make his imprint on the NLDS on the scorecard, but Yasiel Puig had other ideas. 

Yes, I know, #puigyourfriend, but was this one really necessary?

I suppose it's harmless, considering he made that catch. But, I still feel like we should score this one F8 for Pederson. He earned it, right?

Apparently not. Oh well, I'm sure manager Dave Roberts and co. will settle for the Game 1 victory, instead. 

Plus, we ought to have gotten used to this with Puig. He's (arguably) the most unconventional player in MLB today, and he continues to show us over and over again with plays like this.

Remember, #puigyourfriend, and in this case, #puigmakecatch. That's an F9, folks.