​We have no sympathy for morons throwing stuff onto the field and putting the athletes in danger; at that point, you truly deserve whatever you have coming to you. 

During a really well-played AL Wild Card game between the Blue Jays and Orioles, some moronic fan had the nerve to throw a beer at Baltimore's Hyun Soo Kim while he was catching a fly ball on the warning track.

And days later, that man has reportedly been arrested.


Kevin Pagan, a 41-year-old journalist for PostMedia has turned himself in after authorities identified him as the fan who threw the beer onto the field. Pagan denies any involvement, but the police have charged him with one count of mischief.

We're hoping for more.


The Toronto Sun put out a $1,000 reward for any information on the beer thrower and what makes it even better is that PostMedia owns The Toronto Sun. You can still be a fan of your favorite team as a journalist, of course, but this was way too much. This man's got to lose his job.


Pagan will appear in court in November and will try to wiggle his way out of this charge, just like he probably tried wiggling his way out of the Rogers Centre after throwing the beer.