​The Redskins beat the Browns 31-20 on Sunday and even though the Week 4 matchup was never really in doubt, the game was not without some controversy.

Apparently, there was some drama between teammates that spilled onto the field, and NFL Films captured it all.

Who eats someone else's Lifesavers? Especially a teammate's?! Ziggy Hood is a monster!

Paying him back is nice and all, but what if Norman was looking forward to eating them after the game? What if the only thing motivating the cornerback to shut down the Browns' passing game was knowing that he'd have some nice hard candies to suck on when he's done leaving it all on the field?

Luckily for the Redskins, Hood's betrayal of Norman didn't affect the team's play, but the coaching staff and front office might want to monitor the situation.