​Fact: DJ LeMahieu just won the National League batting title with a sterling .348 average.

Another Fact: DJ LeMahieu batted only two times in his final five games.

​​These are both facts; you can choose to point out whichever one aligns with your own rooting interests.

But apparently, in the wake of a bit of title backlash, somebody told the Rockies they should be running their Twitter account a little bit more like Donald Trump's.

In that vein, they took to the defensive immediately, with a very similar message for all questioning parties. Here comes the cavalry.


​​And yes, it kept happening even after people picked up the pattern.

​​Daniel Murphy got hurt. DJ LeMahieu didn't. DJ LeMahieu is the batting champion.

The Rockies would like you to know he had more hits in more at bats. Draw your own conclusions on merit. The Rockies'll be up all night trying to figure out if Murphy's overweight, too.