In recent news, the NFL and and T-shirt site Teespring have teamed up to create new, limited-edition shirts for each NFL team featuring local musicians and NFL squads intertwined as one.

In more recent news, these "My Team My City" shirts are practically a joke and have been roasted all over Twitter.

So if you have ever wanted to sport your love for football and your love for the popular music of yesterday and today, then here is something that might be right down your alley. 

Are you a Chiefs fan who also loves the music of Melissa Etheridge? Finally, a shirt for you!


Or what about the classic music of Frank Sinatra mixed with the New York Giants?

It's just a hat on the words "New York". That's not even the Giants' logo. This took eight seconds max to design, and they were all spent perfecting the fedora.

Or even your San Diego Chargers blended with your favorite 2000s artist Jason Mraz.

What about quintessential Chicago blues legends...ugh, Fall Out Boy?! Really?!

Genuinely...this one is just a regular Titans logo? No different.

Granted, not all of the shirts are terrible. In fact, one--literally, one--is sick: 

2016: the Year of Cleveland.

But some of these shirts are just straight up ridiculous. But if you are interested in these crazy combinations of football teams and pop culture, then go get yourself a shirt from and show off what you love. No one's going to knock you for it.

Except all of Twitter.