​Teemo is practically already known as a demon, and now he's finally got the skin to prove it.

Well, not officially, but it's still a thing. Six talented people are working together to make Demon Teemo a reality.

Concept art, splash art : Vlad Băcescu

High & low poly models, textures : Antoine "GravityBwlast" Dupuis

VFX : Kevin "Sirhaian" Leroy

Rig, animations : Alexandre Edde

Voice acting : Kayli "Kiyo" Mills 

Sound design : Quinn Boyce-Bacon

It's still a ways off from becoming a reality, but the team is dedicated to making this a reality.

Sadly, Riot is most likely not going to even think about implementing the skin into the game, unless it gets some sort of ridiculous following and the people demand it. There have been tons of great fan-made skins made in the past though, so there's always hope.

This skin sticks out a little more than most.