​If you are watching the Philadelphia Eagles play the Chicago Bears and you are a Bears fan, you are probably missing Robbie Gould right now. 

It's only Connor Barth's first game playing in Chicago and already he has missed a field goal Gould never has and never would miss. 

Early in the first quarter, Barth was brought on to kick a 31-yard field goal and he botched it. That's right. A 31-yard field goal. That's pretty much an extra point now. Barth clanked his attempt off the post. 

Gould, meanwhile, never missed one that short. 

Surprisingly, that isn't the craziest thing about that play. Check out this stat:

That is just absolutely ridiculous. Imagine how deflating it must be knowing Gould made all his field goals from that range, and every other kicker made their attempts against the Eagles last season. 

Rough start for Barth in Chicago.