When one thinks of baseball movies, "A League of Their Own" should be one of the first films that comes to mind. 

It's a 1992 classic film that tells a fictionalized account of the real All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II.

The Atlanta Braves rookies decided to honor the film by dressing up in uniforms that the Rockford Peaches wore in the film.

Now, what would have been awesome is if they somehow convinced Tom Hanks to show up and give one of the most famous rants in film history to the rookies. Yes, the "There is no crying in baseball" rant. That would of been pretty epic to see. 

This would be in a perfect world though. Still, great job by the Braves for taking it up a notch and honoring a baseball classic. The only thing is there will be a lot of pressure on what they make the rookies wear next. 

It's going to be hard to beat this.