​Darius Miles earned himself a pretty penny during his tenure in the NBA, right from his first ever rookie contract.

Now, however, Miles is in dire financial troubles, filing for bankruptcy and citing a number of financial issues.

​​Miles is looking for the court to allow him the chance to sell his assets in order to pay various creditors. Included in these assets is his home, as well as 12 other properties in the East St. Louis area of Illinois that he owns.

Miles, a fantastic high school basketball player in Illinois, decided not to play for a college team, and jumped straight to the NBA. He was picked third overall by the Los Angeles Clippers, and signed a $9 million contract. That contract was a record at the time, the largest contract ever awarded to a high school graduate in the draft.

It's a sad story for Miles, but it also isn't an uncommon one. Tales of NBA players losing their money soon after retiring from the game have become a large topic of conversation, with many saying that players need required education on how to manage their finances.