​Color rush jerseys have taken the NFL by storm. 

What started out as a trial run last season has morphed into a full blown trend this year. 29 teams will don the new jerseys, and the new looks have been revealed this week. Many have wondered about how Nike will handle teams that have a more classic look, with the hopes that their franchise's brand won't be tarnished. 

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers have nothing to worry about. 

The Steelers revealed their color rush jerseys on their website earlier today, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. While many of the color rush jerseys have a tacky look to them, Pittsburgh seems to have captured their classic black with a more modern feel to it. These jerseys are sure to be among the top sellers during the season, and I'm sure that makes all of Steel Town happy.

Color rush jerseys are the result of the apparel deal between Nike and the NFL. Nike wanted to increase jersey sales, so they decided to release a flashier uniform to entice die hard fans to go out and buy an extra jersey. The NFL's portion of sales is donated entirely to charity, which gives fans another reason to purchase one. 

The Steelers will wear these uniforms when they take on the Ravens on Christmas Day. You can get a better look at the jersey modeled by Antonio Brown below. 

​​Yep, these uniforms are fire.