​DeMarcus Cousins is an absolute beast of a human being. At 6-11 and roughly 270 pounds, the Kings All-Pro center could dominate basically any sport he wanted to. 

Of course, thanks to the beautiful world that is video games, we know exactly what it would be like if Cousins were to take his talents to the NFL instead of the NBA. 

Some geniuses made an exact replica of Boogie in Madden, put him on the Raiders, and let him run rampant. The results were terrifying. 

​​Cousins brings new meaning to the term "power rusher." He literally makes the rest of the also-beastly NFL players look like small children.

By the end of the game, Boogie broke every record imaginable, racking up 382 rushing yards and six touchdowns. 

Someone get that man some pads ASAP!

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