​Tom Brady is doing exactly what he should be doing during his four game suspension from the NFL: relaxing, enjoying some me time, practicing football with his incredible wife, and recording incredible commercials with his sponsors.

Obviously Brady is also working on his game, getting ready to lead the Patriots out in Week 5, but he certainly deserves some time to himself while he has the chance. 

Some of that time had to have been spent recording this glorious commercial for his favorite slippers: UGGs. 

​​Alright so a few take aways from that commercial:

First, Jeff Bridges has a surprisingly soothing voice and knowing Tom Brady, probably sings the future Hall of Famer a lullaby when he can't sleep. 

Second, talk about Tom Brady giving yet another middle finger to the league with this commercial. If you don't see how, watch the slogan in the last five seconds. "Do Nothing" is exactly what Brady will be doing during his suspension, basically telling the NFL that he's over it and is just going to enjoy his time off. 

Never change Tom. 

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