​Last season, the New York Jets had something they haven't had in years; a good offense. This is thanks to key additions like wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, running back Chris Ivory, and surprisingly enough, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The journeyman quarterback has had an interesting career to say the least. Drafted in the seventh round in the 2005 draft out of Harvard by the Rams, Fitzpatrick has played for 6 teams over the years with mixed results. 

However, Fitzpatrick's first season with the Jets was without a doubt his best season ever in the NFL. 

Fitzpatrick has always been considered a capable quarterback. No one has ever considered him a franchise quarterback, or the type of guy that you expect to get your team in the postseason. But after his Pro-Bowl caliber season last year, the Jets are looking at him in a completely different light.

Although the Jets didn't make the postseason last year, they finished 10-6 and were only one win away from making their first postseason appearance since 2010. The Jets got more out of Fitzpatrick than they could've ever hoped for last season, and now they want more from him.

Jets owner Woody Johnson certainly took his sweet time re-signing Fitzpatrick during the offseason, not getting a deal done until July 27. But now that the ink has dried, it's all up to Fitzpatrick as to whether or not he becomes a New York sports hero or just another forgotten free agent.