​Recently, EA was voted as the "Worst Company in America," and they received the Golden Poo award.

​​It's hilarious, but ridiculous that they were voted as the worst company in America amidst shady activity from companies like BP, and Bank of America. Executive of EA, Peter Moore, released a statement about it all:

“Yes, [being named Worst Company in America] was ridiculous. And this was also the time of sub-prime mortgage crisis; banks are dumping hundreds of thousands of people out onto the street. You try and be defensive and say this is stupid, this is ridiculous; and then you go, ‘Maybe there’s a kernel of truth here.’ Maybe this is a moment we can step back, look in the mirror, look at who we are, look at how we’re perceived, and figure out what we need to do to do something about it. Perception is reality so if their perception is that we’re not a company that puts players first, then how do we change that?” 

EA may suck sometimes, but it hasn't destroyed lives like other companies have. Them being voted the worst may be absurd, and EA may be pissed, but it is a good wake-up call for them, and they seem ready to address their problems and turn a new leaf:

“Then we made a deliberate attempt to say, ‘Fine, how do we go forward here?’ And the mantra that we came up with was this concept of player-first. To this day, in fact this morning, in meetings, questions are always asked–what do we need to do here? When do we ship that? What type of experience does this need to be?–somebody will say, but is that player-first?”

They might get on track to not receive the Golden Poo again, but it'll take a while before the gaming community thinks that they don't deserve the award anymore.