​Before he was MLB's chief baseball officer, before he was a four time World Series manager, and even before he was a struggling manager with a few teams, Joe Torre was a very, very good baseball player.

His playing days fly well under the radar compared to his managing days, and deservedly so. Torre played for three teams during his 18-year career, was a nine time All-Star, an NL MVP in 1971 with the Cardinals, and a Gold Glove Winner in 1965.

Torre started his career with the Atlanta Braves and then was traded to the Cardinals, where he shined. His relationship with the Cardinals started to deteriorate during his time as their manager, as Torre always felt like a visitor instead of feeling like he was at home. 

“In St. Louis I always feel like I missed out because I never got to the postseason. That’s what this organization is about. You sort of feel like a visitor instead of that you belong here," Torre said.

Times have changed, as the Cardinals have finally come to their senses and have opened their arms up to Torre, as he joined the Cardinals Hall Of Fame alongside Chris Carpenter on Saturday. 

Even though things didn't work out so well as a manager of the Cardinals, Torre should feel welcomed and honored that he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame of such a terrific organization.