So it's been a few years since Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen sold their LA compound to Dr. Dre. I never thought I would write that sentence in my life, but I'm happy I did.

Ever since that fateful day, Tom and Gisele have moved into a beautiful, custom house in Chestnut Hill. If that area rings a bell, it's because it's right next to the Brookline Country Club. The same Country Club that has yet to accept Tom Brady as a member

Obviously, the superstar's house was followed closely by the media and you can get a quick peek of the home under construction back in 2014.

Now finished, the Mansion is a whopping 14,000 square foot masterpiece that includes five bathrooms, a swimming pool, yoga studio and wine cellar. What it doesn't mention is the raised space for vehicles on the back of the building. That doesn't include the front that could fit another dozen cars. 

You can see more pictures ​here.

I like it better than their LA home. I have no desire to walk around a house with 15 bedrooms. The odds are very high that one of them is haunted. Fewer bedrooms equal a smaller chance of dying to a bitter ghost. 

Go Pats.