​The dream is still alive for SK Telecom T1 to win every major League of Legends tournament in the past year. With ROX Tigers win over KT Rolster in the LCK Finals, SKT has enough Championship Points to automatically qualify as the No. 2 seed from Korea.

​In the past, no team who has won the World Championship has ever attended the following year, and SKT has never attended Worlds on an even numbered season. Here's how the previous winners fell in the previous years:

Fnatic - Won Season 1: Lost to CLG.eu in Season 2 European Regional Qualifier, disqualifying them from 2012 World Championship.

Taipei Assassins - Won Season 2: Lost to AHQ e-Sports in 2013 GPL Championship, missing Worlds in 2013.

SK Telecom T1 K - Won Season 3: Lost to Najin White Shield in the Korean 2014 Regional Finals, missing the 2014 Championship.

Samsung White - Won Season 4: Finishing last place in spring 2015 and seventh in the summer, Samsung failed to make the regional finals, and ultimately the 2015 World Championship.

SK Telecom T1 K - Won Season 5: Qualified to the 2016 World Championship as the No. 2 Korean Seed via Championship Points.

SKT is the fifth team qualified to the World Championship in 2016. If they manage to win again this year, they will become the first back-to-back World Champions in LoL Esports history.