When people are looking to hire a new employee, they always ask for a certain amount of prior experience. No one wants an employee who has to learn on the job.

Nathan Vasher has some pretty solid experience for his current internship. How does a Pro Bowl and Super Bowl appearance sound as experience? 

Vasher has made the big stage as a player. Now, he wants to do it as a coach. 


Vasher is currently working with the Bears as an intern helping assistant defensive backs coach Sam Garnes with the secondary. That's one talented intern.

The former Bears cornerback is part of the Bill Walsh Minority Fellowship which allows former NFL players or college coaches an internship to work with NFL teams during training camp. It gives these players an even closer look at what one needs to do to become a coach in the NFL.

The NFL had 134 former players take part in this internship last summer, with some of the players eventually getting jobs. 

Even with the opportunity provided by the Bill Walsh Fellowship, the road is never easy. Nevertheless, Vasher claims he will end up a coach one day. He's worked at his alma mater Texas in the past, and will continue the journey towards a coaching job.

Having a player like Vasher involved with your coaching staff is nothing but valuable. He's a player who had a successful career, and clearly knows the position better than most. He finished his career with 20 interceptions over seven seasons, including eight in 2005.

I'm sure NFL players would love to learn from a former Pro Bowler. Luckily, they've got a chance in Chi-Town.

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