​What a flash back to the past in tonight's game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Phillies' fans used to be so accustom to veteran second basemen Chase Utley hitting home runs. He did it often in a Philadelphia uniform.

Tuesday night he returned in Dodger blue, and homered as well. The fans in Philly went nuts! 

​​What a moment.

Usually when a player leaves a team they become hated, kind of like LeBron James. Anger like that is displayed every time they return to their old team's stadium. 

Also, usually when a player of the road team hits a home run, the fans don't give a standing ovation since you know...it's the road team. 

Well, after Utley hit a home run early in the game, he decided that the show wasn't over for Phillies fans. 

Yeah, that's right, a grand slam.

Utley gave fans some flashbacks to how things used to be when he was wearing the red pinstripes and the P on his hat. 

In the 13 years he played in Philly, he was a 6 time All-star and maintained a .282 BA with 233 homers. Also, he won a World Series with the Phillies in 2008. 

Utley will always be a legend in Philadelphia.