Top 6 best Black Ops 3 Memes

6. Team Balancing

Whether it is because the enemy team is filled with people who have the skill level of some pros, or your team is riddled with 12 year olds;​ some days it just feels like the matchmaking system is out to get you.

5. A Flashbang, In 2065?

​There is nothing scarier then running into a room, or turning a corner just to see your screen instantly turn white. It is in this moment that you must decide whether to run away, or straight in spraying and praying.

4. 4 Gun Attachments

​Back in the olden days of Call of Duty, weapons could only have one attachment added to them. With all the new "advanced warfare" we are seeing players enter the game with guns that are sporting 4 different attachments on them.

3. Respawning In the Enemy Spawn Point

​With maps as small as Nuketown it is no surprise that the re-spawn system can be ... unfavorable to say the least. Sometimes you get lucky and nobody on the enemy team will notice you behind them, and other times they are all sitting there waiting for you.

2. The Nuketown Bedrooms

Even going back to ​the original Black Ops game, everyone knew where the best camping spot on Nuketown was. Looking down on all the enemies scrambling around as you pick them off is so satisfying, but not as satisfying as seeing the enemy in the room adjacent to you and hitting them with a headshot.

1. How We Feel Playing Zombies

​Every zombie player knows they should grab a weapon off the wall as soon as they get the points for it, but nobody ever does. The untold rule is to keep your pistol until it runs out of ammo and then start using your knife. This is so we can save up our juicy points for the mystery box.