7 Worst A-Rod Photos Ever Taken

​Alex Rodriguez's career with the New York Yankees will come to an end tonight, and there is no shortage of embarrassing photos of the three-time AL MVP floating around the internet. He was the most polarizing player in the game throughout his 22-year career, and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are the seven worst A-Rod photos ever taken. 

7. "Just Sunbathing in Central Park, No Big Deal"

What are we doing, A-Rod? Did you really think you could go to Central Park and sunbathe with your shirt off and not have a photo not be taken? He knew exactly what he was doing and I guess the craving for attention that day was very high. [Credit: INFphoto.com]

6. A-Rod Posing During the Game

​Do you want to be a model or a professional baseball player, Alex? This photo proves that A-Rod would like to be both. This photo looks premeditated and doesn't surprise me that A-Rod would be doing this during the heat of a competitive game. [Credit: Andrew Mills/USA TODAY Sports]

5. Was This Your Best Kiss Ever?

​Alex Rodriguez has dated plenty of famous, attractive women over his lifetime, but this kiss with Torrie Wilson courtside must have been top notch, hence him giving the a-okay sign mid-smooch. I mean seriously, who does that? But I guess we shouldn't be surprised when it comes to A-Rod. [Credit:Noel Vasquez/Getty Images]

4. A-Rod is a Centaur?

​It's weird enough that you'd have one photo of yourself as a Centaur anywhere, but according to one of his exes, he has two painted portraits of himself as a "half man, half horse" hanging above his bed. That is pretty ridiculous, to say the least.[Credit: Getty Images]

3. Cool, Shirtless Shortstops

​Is it just me or is a photo of five major league shortstops with their shirts off a little odd? And let's not forget to point out they are all wearing gold chains, too. Sports Illustrated wrote an article about up-and-coming shortstops in 1997, and this was the photo they wanted to highlight that. It's only fair that Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Francisco Lindor, Xander Bogaerts and Addison Russell have to do the same thing, right? [Credit: Walter Ioos Jr./SI]

2. Weird Mattress Photo

​This list could be filled with photos from this photo shoot with Details magazine, but we'll hold it to a couple. Let's dive right in: why are you laying on a mattress, pulling your shirt up and starting intently into the mirror? I realize the photographers tell you to do certain poses, but you could say "no." [Credit: Details Magazine]

1. The Creepy Mirror Pic

​This might be the weirdest photo of an athlete you will ever see. How narcissistic can you be when agreeing to a photo where you are kissing your reflection on a mirror? You can love yourself, but kissing your image is just the worst. This would be embarrassing for most people, but I'm sure A-Rod enjoyed every minute of it. [Credit: Details Magazine]