​The Cowboys offensive line is one of the best in the league, and fans cannot wait to see what Ezekiel Elliott will be able to do while running behind it. 

Of course, that doesn't mean the team is just throwing last year's starter to the wind. Darren McFadden will still be a key part of the offense. Once he's healthy that is. 

The former starter underwent elbow surgery just a few short weeks ago, and is still recovering from that little setback. Head coach Jason Garrett gave an update on McFadden's recovery to show exactly where he is in the process. 

​​Alright so maybe that's not the best update Garrett could have given, but it's still something I guess. 

So let's try to decode that little message: it sounds like McFadden still has a bit to go in his recovery, and if my gut feeling is right, he won't be seeing the field this preseason, even if he is healthy. It's just too risky. 

It's yet to be clear if McFadden will be ready for the season opener, but as long as Zeke stays healthy, the Cowboys will be just fine.