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6 NBA Stars Who Will Retire Without a Ring

​Following the trail blazed by Patrick Ewing, Oscar Robertson, and Charles Barkley, these are the biggest stars of today's NBA that will retire without a championship. Sorry, guys. It's just not going to happen for you.

6. Chris Paul

​Paul has yet to make a Finals appearance and his Clippers team looks like it is ready to fall apart any moment. It may be more likely that in the waning years of CP3's career, he chases one last mammoth contract as the cap skyrockets. And let's face it: if Chris goes to New York, he's not bringing a title to the Mecca.

5. DeMarcus Cousins

​The polarizing center has been the main source of drama for the scuffling Kings organization since his draft day. Cousins is still young, but it seems Sacramento is unlikely to let Boogie go for quite some time. Many clubs may find his mercurial persona a hindrance and opt to forego chasing the star big man. 

4. Kyle Lowry

​The 30-year-old point guard will never see the NBA Finals due to the man standing firmly in his way: LeBron James. An otherwise fantastic player, Lowry lacks the star power around him to push the Raptors over the hump of King James' Cavs. 

3. Carmelo Anthony

​After demanding a trade to New York from Denver, Anthony has never sniffed the Finals. With disappointment mounting every season since his move to Madison Square Garden, the situation for the Knicks has not improved. Trading for Derrick Rose and signing Joakim Noah will not improve the team to championship levels, making it all the more likely that Melo joins Ewing as notable Knicks who failed to bring back the Larry O'Brien trophy.

2. Russell Westbrook

Going solo as a superstar in the Western Conference is a death knell, as only Dirk Nowitzki has been able ​to break through and win it all by himself. Russ is only 27, but just signed a three-year extension. Should he take that deal to the end, his championship window may be shut forever. Shawn Kemp, another great high-flyer in the organization's history, knows the pain all too well.

1. Damian Lillard

​Dame has all the talent to secure a title for himself, but in a conference that features the stacked Warriors and titanic Spurs, Portland just does not have enough firepower to blast through for a shot at the Finals. It is unlikely that Lillard ever leaves the Rose Garden, making it almost impossible for the point guard to win it all.