​The Olympics are upon us everyone, and that means that Twitter is making a bunch of hashtags so that people can get creative Tweeting for their favorite countries to win gold. 

However, that seems to have confused quite a lot of people, as some "existing hashtags" are now being changed.


Hmmm, that is a problem. But Georgia fans will certainly understand that it's the Olympics and all countries deserve a hashtag, right? 



Daphne, don't you know that Uganda exists and is an entire country? Just a tad bigger than a state school in the Southern United States. 

Mr P

Hey Mr. P, maybe Uganda has almost 40 million people and is an ENTIRE COUNTRY, so I'm pretty sure it deserves preference? 


Once again, Uganda is a COUNTRY. Sorry University of Georgia, you are not the center of the world, nor a country, nor even the best team in your collegiate conference. You don't get a hashtag.

Luckily, not everyone on Twitter was this dumb, and some people actually provided some classic content.


Couldn't agree more Charles, can't wait to see if the Ugandan football team can reach the College Football Playoffs this year. 

Hey, the Ugandan flag isn't that much different from the Georgia flag.


Ah yes, that is much better. 

Wait, hasn't Georgia been mixed up like this before?


Stupid ESPN and Twitter, always messing things up for Georgia. Must be the Alabama preference. 


You know what, that sold me. The two should share the hashtag, it's obvious now. 

lost control

After all, they do have as many National Titles as Georgia recently. 


If you would like to see more Georgia fans blindly using the #UGA or complaining about it, you can find all you need right ​here. However, if you're like me, then just reading these Tweets makes you want to smash your computer over your head.

Can't wait to see what other idiocy the Olympics brings. 

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