​After staying under the radar and away from the media as much as possible since he declined to pursue a Deflatgate appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, quarterback Tom Brady showed face today. 

Shocking almost everybody, Brady showed up at the last minute for his former teammate, running back Kevin Faulk. The former NFL veteran was being inducted to the Patriots' Hall of Fame Monday night. 

Brady unzipped his jacket and underneath was a navy blue Patriots jersey with the No. 33 on it, and the last name "Faulk" on the back. 

His first words to the crowd had nothing to do with his absence from the media, but instead was all about thanking the crowd for supporting Faulk, and "supporting us." 

As the crowd chanted, "Brady! Brady! Brady!", he quickly turned the direction of his speech around directing all the praise toward his good friend and ex-teammate Faulk. 

"Kevin, we love you, you're an amazing person, an amazing teammate. As a great as a player as Kevin was, he's a better friend," Brady said. 

The two of them spent 12 seasons together and won three super bowls (2002, 2004, and 2005). 

Brady left with some joking remarks for the 40-year-old Faulk. 

"It's such a special night. But what's not very special about tonight is when the guys that are going into the Hall of Fame are your age."

At least he still has a sense of humor despite being suspended for the first month of the season.