Filipino and DotA 2 fans alike breathe a sigh of relief after it was announced that these two beloved teams could compete on the world stage. The past couple of weeks has been exhausting, as every possible legal process failed, but finally, both PH teams are allowed to compete in the world's largest DotA 2 tournament and a chance at the $18 million prize pool.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Philippine eSports Association (PeSPA), Philippine eSports Organization (PeSO), ESL, Mineski-Events Team (MET), and under the guidance of Valve, local senator Bam Aquino, and US senator Maria Cantwell, both TNC and Execration were able to secure their P1 visas.

It seems the focus of the US Embassy was on the PH teams applying for the P1 visa instead of the B1 since the US government's former acceptance of Esports as a legitimate athletic competition.

The hope for a Philippines world champion is alive and well. 

Good luck TNC and Execration!