​A steal attempt is pretty straight forward. At least, in theory.

When a player attempts to steal second base, if he can make it there before being tagged out by his opponent, he's safe. If the catcher can deliver a strike to his teammate manning the bag, a good tag is all that's needed to send the base thief back to the dugout cursing under his breathe.

That perfect throw I was just referencing, well it went from the theoretical to the diamond. The Arizona Diamondbacks Tuffy Gosewisch gunned down Kevin Pillar, but after that things got weird. Pillar refused to leave.

Was it a silent protest? Was he stalling for his manager to come out and argue his case? However you slice it, you don't see a player just chill out on second base after being called out. 

If any player should understand what it feels like to surprisingly record an out, it should be the defensive minded Pillar. He's usually on the other side.