Ochocinco may be retired, but that doesn't mean he isn't playing some meaningful games.

Chad Johnson found himself in San Marcos, TX, and was ​looking to experience the small college town. He posted up at a local bar and fired off this tweet.

According to ​Complex this is what happened next:

"Texas State University sophomore Brenden Pupi decided to stop by and see if he could meet with the former star NFL wide receiver. When Pupi, two of his roommates, and a couple members of the Texas State football team showed up, Johnson was sitting at the bar by himself. After pulling up a chair next to him, the group stuck around and talked to him for "30-45 minutes." Before leaving, Brenden wanted to try and see if he could squeeze in a game of FIFA, too."

To say that they squeezed in a few games would be a massive understatement. 

Best of five? Try again. Best of seven? Not even close. Try a ten hour marathon with the former All-Pro WR.

It seems as though Johnson's oversized ego made the trip over to the video game realm as well. 

Post a screenshot of your record or it didn't happen, Ochocinco.