The release of Madden is one of the last checkpoints before the NFL regular season is officially underway.​ The widely popular game hits shelves on August 23rd. 

EA Sports' money maker has taken to the NFL strategy of dominating the news cycle year round. Strategies like ​cover reveals​televised tournaments, and leaked ratings keep Madden in the spotlight.  

Ravenous football fans can now feast on the recently released rookie ratings. You're going to be surprised by the player at the top of the rating scale. 

​​The Jaguars Jalen Ramsey topped the rookie rating scale with an overall score of 82. The versatile defensive back should help bolster a Jacksonville defense that lacked any kind of bite in 2015. 

After Ramsey, the Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott took the second slot. The highly decorated Buckeye is more blue collar than his bare midriffs would lead you to believe. His well-rounded game should get him on the field right away in Big D. 

Another eye-catching addition to the top ten was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roberto Aguayo. The Bucs splurged on a kicker in the second round of the NFL Draft, but by Madden's calculations, that may have been the right move. 

The Madden rating gods have spoken, now it's time to see what they can all do on both the virtual and real gridiron.