Patriots players have been all over the diamond in Beantown recently. 

First you had ​Gronk grooving a first pitch to Big Papi.  

Now, you have Julian Edelman casually bombing long balls over the Green Monster.

Bill Belichick better get them away from America's Pastime before they realize how much guaranteed money baseball players make compared to their NFL counterparts. 

If Edelman has this kind of power to go with his elite athleticism, I could see a team taking a chance on him. All we need to do is see the former Kent State quarterback throw the baseball and we have a highlight tape ready to upload to YouTube.​​

​​"Unbelievable experience," Edelman told reporters at Fenway. "Come out here to Fenway, which is like a dream, how old it is, and get to hit some balls, it's been unbelievable." 

The Pats WR is friends with Red Sox third-base coach Brian Butterfield and had previously smashed some dingers before a Boston road game in Toronto.

It was all a blur for "The Squirrel." He struggled to even recount how many HRs he ended up with. "I don't know; I couldn't count...six or seven," he said with a smile.