This October 1971 file photo shows basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain in action as a Los Angeles Lakers player. Chamberlain was found dead at his Bel Air home 12 October 1999, apparently of natural causes.  He was 63 and had a history of heart problems.    AFP PHOTO/FILES/Wen ROBERTS (Photo credit should read WEN ROBERTS/AFP/Getty Images)

6 NBA Records That Will Never Be Broken

​The NBA isn't quite the stat-happy game that baseball is, but there are legendary records that are fun to talk about. While the hypotheticals can help pass the time in the bar, there's some that simply will not fall. You can argue until you're blue in the face, but these six NBA records simply will never be broken. 

6. Longest Winning Streak

​The Record: 33 Games

The parity, the back-to-backs, the massive target on your back as the winning streak grows, there's so many reasons this one won't be broken. The Warriors flirted with the '71-'72 Lakers record last season, but fell five games short if you carried over their wins from the previous season. 

5. Most Points in a Single Game

The Record: 100 Points

​You'd think this would be higher on our list, but the three-point explosion in the NBA puts this historic performance by "The Stilt" right on the edge of plausibility. Kobe's 81-point outburst back in 2006 probably needed two or three OTs to flirt with the century mark, but it was within reach. 

4. Most Consecutive NBA Titles

​The Record: 8 Straight

To win an NBA championship, you have to assemble an elite group of players. NBA free agency has been structured in such a way that once you have an elite nucleus, it's impossible to hold onto them all for a long period of time. The eight-straight Celtics titles record is safe. 

3. Career Assists

​The Record: 15,806

It's time to break out the math to put this record in perspective. The second player on the all-time assist list, Jason Kidd, finished with 12,091 assists. For Kidd to have tied John Stockton, he would have needed to improve on his total by over 30 percent. That's a huge jump between 1st and 2nd. 

2. Career Rebounds

​The Record: 23,924 Rebounds

Tim Duncan's storybook career has put him in the conversation as the greatest power forward in the history of the NBA.He didn't even come within 8,000 rebounds of Wilt Chamberlain's record. That should give you some perspective on just how untouchable this one is. 

1. Single-Season Scoring Average

​The Record: 50.36 points per game

Forget it. Don't even bother looking up the second closest player. You want to know why? Because the next three players are also Chamberlain. Michael Jordan is the closest to any of Wilt's historic seasons with 37.09 points per game in '86-'87.