​Johnny Manziel is back at it again, this time with something that shockingly has nothing to do with drinking, partying, clubbing, or attempting to get reinstated by the NFL. 

Nope, this time it has to do with politics, the one place where you'd never expect to hear Johnny Manziel's name come up. 

Thanks to this glorious Instagram post by a good friend, it looks like we might know who Johnny will be voting for come November.  

​​Yup, it looks like Johnny Football wants to make America great again, too. Or he just accidentally stumbled upon CNN while searching for HBO so he could catch up on Game of Thrones. 

Either way, I'm sure the "Make America Great Again" slogan really attracts Manziel. After all, who wouldn't want Thirsty Thursday to be a weekly national holiday and an open border between the USA and Cancun?

Oh wait, that's just what Manziel thinks Trump means when he says make America great again? My mistake. I'm sure Johnny Football will figure it out eventually, too.