In the NFL, it is not uncommon for players on different teams to workout together. If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best. Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson are no exception to this rule.

Most quarterbacks and wide receivers spend their workouts together catching balls and running routes. You know, normal quarterback/wide receiver stuff. 

Well, these two aren't normal.

Take a look at their ridiculous workout.



While some players spend their offseason relaxing and rehabilitating before a long NFL season, these two players spend their days lifting a medicine ball over there head, and having a catch with it. 

The two Pro Bowlers have been been busy this offseason, dropping by numerous colleges to work out together. When they aren't lifting medicine balls over their heads and bounce passing them at each other, you can find them running routes on a campus near you. 

It seems like Brown likes what he sees.

Talk about a dynamic quarterback-wide receiver duo. 

It's hard to imagine either of these players possibly getting better, but with rigorous workouts like this, they could shatter our expectations. 

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